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I’m not your average engineer and project manager! I mean I’m covered in tattoos, I play in rock bands but what’s shocks people the most is that I know how to have fun at work. We smile, we laugh, we joke, while still getting stuff done and more efficiently. For over 15 years I’ve been a project manager working with individually owned companies all the way up into Fortune 500s. And I’m here to tell you certain PM tools and processes work at all levels. The difference, I bring the fun! These tools & processes not only get things done but I’ve seen bosses take down all barriers and completely trust my judgement & guidance. And I’ve captured some of those skills in the video I’m about to share with you. Listen, if you’re happy letting life, friends, and family slip away because you’re too busy working then feel free to pass up this training. But if you’re looking to get your time back, check out this video. And even if you think you’re in a decent state, I bet there’s tools in here that could help shave months of waisted time off your schedule and back into YOUR life. Why am I giving away tens-of-thousands of dollars of content for free? Because I care about seeing people be successful without burnout. So much so that I’ve invested much of my very own personal time to create this training. I know this works and truly believe the world can start to become a better place if everyone was walking around with less work stress. This process still follows PM theory but with a new age vibe. I’ve scaled and reimagined PM so it’s fun and easy to retain. You might think this is just like every other dry training out there. But at this low of a price and only 30 minutes of your time, you’ve got nothing to lose. So grab something to take notes with and clicking the rent button above.